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Matches Played

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Under 15 Division 2
Under 12 Division 2
Under 12 Division 1
Under 12 Division 3
Under 13 Division 1
Under 13 Division 2
Under 13 Division 3
Under 14 Division 1
Under 14 Division 2
Under 16 Division 2
Under 17/18
Girls Sixers League U/13 Spring Competition
Under 15 Division 1
Under 16 Division 1
Girls Sixers League U/13 Summer Competition
U11 Blue
U11 Green
U11 Red
U11 Black
U11 Yellow
U11 Grey
U11 Magenta
U11 Orange
U11 Purple
U11 Brown
U10 Stage One Competition
1 Taylor, Abbey CNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000000010000000000000
2 Anderson, Thomas WNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
3 Rodgers, PaulHamilton Wickham Colts Junior Cricket Club Inc.00000000001000000000000000
4 Sedgman, Isaac LSwansea-Caves Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
5 Brill, BenjaminNelson Bay Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
6 Nolan, PatrickHamilton Wickham Colts Junior Cricket Club Inc.00000000001000000000000000
7 Hitchcock, LukeTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
8 Shearman, OscarTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
9 Wright, Harrison BTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
10 O'Connor, LaughlinTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
11 Hanson, ChristianNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
12 Castle, LawsonNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
13 Davies, ZacheryTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
14 Olsen, JackSwansea-Caves Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
15 Stoodley, RyanTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
16 Wilson, TimothyToronto Workers Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
17 Lehman, AaronValentine Eleebana Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
18 Matthews, DamianValentine Eleebana Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
19 Murphy, TamasValentine Eleebana Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
20 Ptolemy, EthanTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
21 McTavish, JoshuaTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
22 Leathley, ZaneTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
23 Cox, JacobToronto Workers Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
24 Fulmer, ThomasNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
25 Rapp-Jones, SamRedhead Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
26 Richardson, JacobCharlestown Junior Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
27 Case, EthanNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
28 McLachlan, EthanWestern Suburbs (Newcastle) Junior Cricket Club Inc.00000000000010000000000000
29 Garrett, Jay DNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000000
30 Hart, NicholasTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
31 Crosbie, AngusRedhead Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
32 Humphrey, JacobNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000000010000000000000
33 Patterson, Tanne FStockton Junior Cricket Club10000000000000000000000000
34 Plain, BaileyCharlestown Junior Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
35 Chandrasekera, NavinCharlestown Junior Cricket Club00000000000001000000000000
36 Michalski, SamuelRedhead Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
37 Osgood, FinnCharlestown Junior Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
38 Standing, Benjamin JWestern Suburbs (Newcastle) Junior Cricket Club Inc.00000001000000000000000000
39 Wilson, AndrewToronto Workers Cricket Club00000000000010000000000000
40 Wall, DanielNewcastle City Cricket Club 00000000000010000000000000
41 Ping, AngusToronto Workers Cricket Club00000000100000000000000000
42 Jones, LucaTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
43 Kinkade, JakeTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
44 Stowe, LachlanTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000
45 Ellison, ZaneCharlestown Junior Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
46 Griffiths, OliverHamilton Wickham Colts Junior Cricket Club Inc.10000000000000000000000000
47 Mount, JedSwansea-Caves Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
48 Watsford, WillRedhead Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
49 Hepworth, WilliamTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
50 Barnett, FinlayTigers Junior Cricket Club00000000010000000000000000
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Total Records: 1008   Page: 1 of 21   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.