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Term 1 Competitions!
Date of Event Newcastle Junior Cricket Association: Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:07PM

Sixers Girls League will be commencing again on Friday 7th February 2020 with two FREE Coaching sessions for all experience levels. To register your interest for these free sessions click here.

The NJCA are hoping to facilitate two cricket options for Term 1; girls who are confident and willing to play with equipment and a harder plastic ball and our successful softer ball option which has limited equipment.

Following the two coaching weeks, the competition will start on Friday 21st February and run for 6 weeks ceasing on a social finals evening on Friday 27th March 2020.



Term 1 Stage 1 competitions are planned to run in Conferences on Mondays (Lake Macquarie) and Fridays (Newcastle). This would be ideal for prospective players from Master Blasters who would like to move on to Stage 1 Cricket in the New Year. This competition is also open to new participants who would like to take part. As a suggestion, clubs should choose their day based on their Master Blaster competition date of Term 4 2019.


Please head to to find your local club today!

Last updated: Friday January 17, 2020 5:13PM
Author: Asher Robins