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Milestone for Girls Cricket in Newcastle
Date of Event Newcastle Junior Cricket Association: Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:46AM
Milestone for Girls Cricket in Newcastle

Newcastle Junior Cricket Association – Milestone for Girls Cricket in Newcastle


Saturday 21 November marks a milestone for Girls Cricket in Newcastle, with two all-girls cricket teams from Newcastle City Cricket Club and Valentine Eleebana Cricket Club facing each other at Smith Park in the Newcastle Junior Cricket Association, Saturday morning Junior Competition in the U12 Division 3 age group. In a true celebration of Girls Cricket, this Saturday Smith Park is also home to Newcastle City fielding a predominately all girls team in an U15 Division 2 game against Hamilton Wickham Cricket Club, and the newly introduced Stage 1 Sixers Girls League will see Newcastle City host Valentine Eleebana, in the all-girls T20 competition for girls new to cricket or suggested for 7-11 years of age.


Season 2020- 2021 has a record number of girls playing in the traditional Saturday morning Junior Competition across the Newcastle Junior Cricket Association, as well as the introduction of two new all-girls leagues based on the T20 format. The new Stage 1 Sixers Girls League has 8 teams of girls playing Saturday mornings using the softer Kookaburra Star Ball and is designed for girls moving from the Blasters programs or who are new to cricket and aged 7 – 11 years. The new Stage 2 NJCA Girls League is played on Wednesday afternoons using the traditional 142g leather ball and is designed for girls who have played cricket previously or older girls new to cricket with suggested ages of 12 years and over.


The Girls League Competitions are running as 2 x 8 Week Competitions, with a Spring Competition already underway and a Summer Competition due to start on 27 January 2021.


Please join our Facebook Group for additional information: Join Facebook Group Here 


For any girls interested in joining either of the Girls League Competitions, or just after some more information, please email our NJCA Girls Cricket Subcommittee at or fill out the Expression of Interest form Newcastle Junior Cricket Girls Leagues EOI form


Last updated: Monday November 16, 2020 11:18AM
Author: William Marshall